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Greetings citizens of the New world, and Welcome to the official site of the first Elite Division 1 Military Unit on eRepublik, Sun Warriors.

The military unit is based and established in April'2016 in eMacedonia, and it's founded by few enthusiastic D1 players with a vision to restore the balance in D1 worldwide and at the same time strengthen the division in eMacedonia.

The primary goal was creating organization specialized and made for and only D1 eRepublik players, to whom we will provide the best possible program with benefits and regular weekly supplies, which will be regulated under our rules and policies, what makes our community first of its kind in eRepublik.

Our range of activities is on global level and our members are with very diverse background, but with common interests and ideas, what gives us very International character. Therefore our military organization is open and will accept any active elite D1 player in eRepublik, who's ready to fight and shares the same ideas as we do.

First and foremost we are a group of active well organized D1 elite players with very competitive spirit, players who's aim in eRepublik is fighting, unity, loyalty and most important having fun. We are very stable, reliable and helpful environment where we help the weak players grow into beasts, and where the strong players become even stronger.

Sun Warriors is not just "another military unit", and we are not here to take part.... we are here to take over!

More informations about joining Sun Warriors you can find by clicking the Recruiting Tab above, and read more about the basic requirements, policies and benefits when joining our Elite Military Unit.

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